Novocaine for the PASSed up

If you are like me, you are currently watching with jealousy all the tweets coming out of the PASS Summit. For one reason or another you, like me, were unable to attend the SUMMIT and are forced to live with the shame of missing out on one of the greatest exchanges of knowledge this year. Or will you?

You may not be able to attend all the sessions, but did you know PASS has graciously decided to broadcast some of the sessions, as well as other events throughout the summit, including the keynote address! It’s true. Check out PASStv on the PASS website where PASS will be broadcasting all three days of the event. Granted there are too many sessions to broadcast all of them, but you can see the schedule of the broadcast on the site as well, and something is better than nothing, right?

Now, I know what you are saying – “Ken, that’s two days away and I need a quick fix!” Well, PASS has that covered, too! A couple of months ago they put on an event called “The 24-Hours of PASS.” You’ve likely heard of it and probably got to catch a few sessions, but if you haven’t heard of it or weren’t able to catch all the sessions you wanted, PASS was nice enough to post the recording of all the sessions on the PASS site as well. They even sorted them by track.

Finally, if you are sitting there saying, “Ken, that’s just not enough,” then I direct your attention to the session recordings. As always, PASS will be selling the complete set of PASS Summit 2013 recordings at the end of the conference.

I know nothing replaces the experience of attending the PASS Summit, but I hope this helps ease the pain a bit. I have heard that the next summit will be in Seattle, but look for the official announcement sometime during the summit. Hope to see you all there next year!


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