First blog as a DBA

As this is my first blog, I feel it is only fair that I tell any potential readers a little about myself, so here it goes. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Alabama. During my last semester of school, I was hired as a helpdesk specialist at local mid-sized company. Upon graduating, I was offered a position as a disaster recovery analyst. After about five months of working as DR analyst, I was offer the position of database administrator when the prior DBA left the company for bigger and better things. I, of course, took the position and have been a DBA for over a year now and still love it. During the past year, I was also blessed with the opportunity to fill in as a developer temporarily. My current crowning achievement is I just recently became a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, and as I type this a vision of me at the top of the stairs with the theme song to rocky playing in the background flashes in my head.

As I prepare to take the Microsoft Certified IT Professional exam and strive to increase my knowledge in SQL Server, Powershell and other such technologies, I feel the best way to learn is to teach. Since the overall objective here is to learn, please feel free to leave your feedback. I look forward to sharing what I learn and hearing your feedback.